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For Orders Under 50 Bliss

We will provide you Bliss with lids, as well as spoons and napkins. You will want to keep your Bliss cold. We suggest bringing a cooler and we can package it on ice for you. If you plan on keeping your Bliss out for several hours, we suggest a couple pounds of dry ice. Please be sure to follow precautions when handling dry ice.  If you need to borrow a cooler just let us know!

For Orders Over 50 Bliss

We will be glad to loan you a cooler(s) filled with your Bliss & ice, as well as spoons and napkins. We ask that you bring the cooler(s) back to us when your event is finished. If your event takes place in the heat/sun for more than an hour, we do suggest you purchase dry ice as this will help keep it colder longer in high ambient temperatures.

The mobile unit is headed to Harps in Grove Oklahoma and will be staying there for the summer.
For Events after Labor Day Weekend with 500+ Guests Requesting the Mobile Unit 

Please ensure there is 50 amp 14-50R (4 wire 250V) outlet available within 50 feet as we need this to operate our soft serve machines. We cannot use generators unless they are clean power. We will get back to you to confirm details within 48 business hours. We are so thrilled you are thinking of including us in your event!

The mobile unit is currently preparing for setup in Grove, Oklahoma. We hope to see you there soon. 

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